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  • Safexpert - Software zur CE-Kennzeichnung und Risikobeurteilung von Maschinen und Anlagen
  • Approved practice software Safexpert

    More than 20 years we develop innovative solutions for computer supported risk assessment and CE marking of machinery and plant construction according to Machinery Directive.

    In order to produce for the European market we recommend the following packages:

    • Safexpert Basic
    • Safexpert Compact
    • Safexpert Professional

    Additional modules:

    • Check- and Acceptance Assistant
    • Operating Instructions Assistant
    • Standards packages with full-text standards in PDF
  • CE Marking according to Machinery Directive for the European Economic Area  pfeil

    Safexpert is available in different packages in order to optimally serve your requirements. Depending on the question whether you only want to do risk assessments or even document your CE marking process the following packages are available:

    Safexpert Risk Assessment:

    This is the smallest package for efficient risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100. All risk assessment data may be displayed in four different views (e.g. according to relevant hazards, hazard locations or phases of machinery life). 

    Safexpert Basic:

    This is the smallest package for computer-supported CE marking according to Machinery Directive. It contains the following features:

    • CE Guide: Leads you step by step through 8 registers through the conformity declaration process according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (including risk assessment, setting up of technical documentation, printout of EC declaration etc.)

    Safexpert Compact:

    It contains all functions of Safexpert Basic. Additionally, it includes a pictograms library and an operating instructions template in format Win-Word. The most important additional function is the "Safexpert Standards Manager". This tool is a standards search and administration tool with which you may search* for relevant standards-TITLES on our special internet database "Safexpert Live Server". This helps you to find relevant standards quickly. Additionally, the user defines which standards are relevant in his current project. Safexpert may check automatically which projects (and even which measures in the risk assessment) are affected by standards changings over time.

    * For searching in atual data the yearly contract for the data package MRL-EU and/or EU-Plus is required.


    Safexpert Professional:

    It contains all functions of Safexpert Compact. Additionally, a package of approx. 9 standards in PDF full text in the field "Safety of machinery" is included. Within the Safexpert Professional service contract standards updates are available with a discount of -70% from list price.

    Beside the intuitive user interface and-modern design, the following unique features will simplify and accelerate your engineering process:

    • The safety related solutions in current projects are automatically checked whether they are affected by changes in standards.
    • Proved solutions from a previous project can be migrated into a new project, and can be checked if the relevant standards are up to date.

    • Modular risk assessments in plant projects
    • The new concept for safety related solutions out of C-standards will significantly reduce the effort for risk assessments


    Free Safexpert WEB presentations for different locations worldwide

    The free WEB presentation about Safexpert gives you a short overview of the most important features in terms of risk assessment. You are connected live with the presenter, and individual questions about Safexpert will be answered via teleconference or via chat

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    Your time zone is not included? Then just send us a short e-mail and we will check possible further dates for a WEB presentation.



    You sell machinery to USA, Australia or to other international markets?

    Please have a look at our offers for Risk Assessment of machinery and plant for international use.


    We would be happy to assist in the choice of the modules that optimally fit your company requirements. We look forward to your hear from you!

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