Practice software for CE marking

What is Safexpert?

Safexpert is our special software for Risk Assessment and CE documentation with a modular structure, according to Machinery Directive and Low Voltage Directive, that has been tried and tested a thousand times over. More than 25 years ago, everything started with the Safexpert Risk Assessment module. Today, Safexpert has additional modules for special fields that provide you and your team with significant support in your safety-related project management and in dealing with standards and EU directives.

Your plus with Safexpert

Order and overview in risk assessment according to (EN) ISO 12100


Systematically and step by step to CE


Use existing projects as templates


Continuous further development


Standards management and automatic project update monitoring


Optimal workflows for teamwork due to full network capability


Knowledge management - preservation of know-how in case of "Leaving Experts"


Modular design - suitable for all company sizes


Certified quality

"We recommend Safexpert as an aid to CE marking of machinery and plants."


"It is certified that Safexpert is suitable as a practicable tool for conformity assessment according to the Machinery Directive."


Safexpert Software Packages

Safexpert Risk Assessment
Simple and systematic according to (EN) ISO 12100


Safexpert Basic
Step by step to CE


Safexpert Compact
Professional safety engineering incl. modern standards management


Safexpert Professional
Full range of functions + access to the most important standards.


The packages listed above contain the most frequently used modules. In addition to the modules of the packages, the features of the additional modules provide additional benefits in the CE processes.

Standards Package „Standard Plus“
Efficient work by access to over 55 particularly relevant standards.


Instructions Assistant
The optimal interface between design (risk assessment) and technical editing.


Check- and Acceptance Assistant
Carry out QM tests systematically, purchasing or final acceptance tests.


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Safexpert Risk Assessment

More safety through more comfort

Use valuable functions that support you in not forgetting any important points (anymore) and in maintaining an overview in your risk assessments:

  • You can see at a glance which hazards occur at which hazard locations.
  • With a mouse click, you can determine which hazards occur in which phases of life (e.g. during normal operation, maintenance work, cleaning work, etc.).
  • Status evaluations show you for which identified hazards the risk has not yet been sufficiently reduced.
  • Plant projects are clearly structured using modules and interfaces.

The uniform printouts of the risk assessment based on the technical regulation ISO/TR 14121-2 help you to bring order into your risk assessment documentation.


Your quick start

Would you simply like to carry out a standards-compliant risk assessment according to ISO 12100 as quickly as possible and without prior software training and document it uniformly? Then the "Safexpert Risk Assessment" module is just right for you!

This is how you benefit from using this module:

  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Uniform and standards-compliant documentation
  • Central and clear management of your projects
  • You benefit from the advantages of this special software and eliminate all risks of outdated Word or Excel variants.
  • Continuous adaptation of the system to changes in standards within the framework of the maintenance contract
  • Automatic or interactive conversion of old projects when standards are changed
  • ...


The CE Guide according to the Machinery Directive guides manufacturers of machinery and plants step by step through the conformity assessment procedure.


For manufacturers of electrical equipment, the CE Guide according to Low Voltage Directive offers the ideal support for legally compliant Risk assessment and CE documentation.

Step by step to CE

Step by step, the CE guide leads to the CE mark or declaration of conformity. Depending on the product (machine, incomplete machine, electrical device), the user is guided through the necessary process steps in a structured manner:

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  1. Classification of the product
  2. Clarifying the application of guidelines
  3. Clarifying the use of standards
  4. Perform a risk assessment
  5. Compiling technical documentation
  6. Clarify conformity assessment procedures according to Annex IV products
  7. Carry out the internal manufacturing check
  8. Print EU Declaration of Conformity

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

  1. Clarifying the application of guidelines
  2. Clarifying the use of standards
  3. Perform a risk assessment
  4. Compiling technical documentation
  5. Carry out the internal checks
  6. Print EU Declaration of Conformity

Safexpert provides these functions for the optimal workflow:

  • When you create the project, you define which guideline (Machinery Directive or Low Voltage Directive) applies.
  • Classification of the product (Machinery Directive only): You define to which product group of the Machinery Directive your product is to be assigned (e.g. machine, incomplete machine, exchangeable equipment, load handling equipment, ...).
  • Clarify the application of directives: You define which other directives (e.g. EMC, pressure equipment, ATEX, RED, ...) are to be applied.
  • Clarify the application of standards: You determine which standards you want to apply (voluntarily) in the development of your product. The Safexpert StandardsManager module supports you in your research!
  • You can use (guideline-specific) checklists to ensure that you do not forget any important points when creating the technical documentation!
  • Within the internal manufacturing checks, you check whether your product complies with the technical documents.
  • Then print out the declaration of conformity in the last step. Here you can easily integrate your own logo. Of course Safexpert will warn you before printing if not all required points in the project have been marked as "Done"!

Advanced functions in the "Safexpert Basic" package

Standards references for risk assessment

Risk reduction measures can be supplemented by standards references. Thus Safexpert in conjunction with Safexpert StandardsManager enables to automatically check which measures in which projects will no longer be up-to-date.


Interface to Sistema

For measures that depend on a control system (e.g. position monitoring of safety gates, etc.), the required performance level according to EN ISO 13849-1 or the required SIL according to EN 62061 can be determined directly in the risk assessment.



For calculations according to standard EN 13849-1 there is an interface to the software Sistema.

In addition, the applied safety components can be managed in the "Components" library.

Safexpert Standards Manager – Much more than a conventional standards database

Basic functions

Safexpert StandardsManager offers all the functions that modern standards management requires:

Search for relevant standards on Safexpert Live Server - Filter functions simplify the search


Minimization of research effort through preselection of "company favorites"


No flood of information! Individual notifications when changes are made to "personal favorites"


Direct access to full-text documents - all from one source


Automatic monitoring of the current status of projects - performance "under the hood"

In addition to the basic functions, the StandardsManager unfolds all its benefits in connection with the risk assessment and the CE Guide in Safexpert:

What effect does a change in standard have on current projects?
Knowing that standards have changed is only the first step. The second step is to check whether a change in the standard has an impact on ongoing projects. This leads to costs or liability risks if the checks are not carried out due to time or cost pressure.

  • Safexpert uses references to applied documents to check which parts of the project are affected when standards are changed.
  • In a few seconds Safexpert performs tests for which people would need several hours or days.

Copy paste in risk assessment - time saving or liability risk?
For projects that are similar to an already completed project, it is obvious to take over considerations on construction, calculation, etc. - legal uncertainty exists if the completed projects are not checked for the current status of standards.

  • When copying projects or adopting safety-related solutions from other projects, Safexpert checks whether the standards applied are still up to date.

Predefined measures - Monitoring the Safexpert measures library for current status
Maximum process effectiveness is sought through standardization in a wide range of company areas - this also applies to the selection of safety-related solutions. The Safexpert measures library can be used to manage company-internal standard solutions. Safexpert StandardsManager checks whether solutions based on standards are up-to-date and helps to avoid systematic errors.


Available data packages and standards packages

Safexpert offers packages of bibliographic data on the basis of which the standards research and the current status monitoring are carried out in order to avoid producing unnecessary costs during standards research. In addition to these data packages, standards can be purchased in full text.

This has two advantages:

  • No unnecessary costs for unused full-text documents
  • Companies that already have a standards subscription can use Safexpert's current status checks without having to procure the expensive full-text documents twice.

Details on the available data packages and standards packages can be found here.


Safexpert Pictogram Library

Safexpert contains an individually extensible database of standardized symbols. This supports engineering in several respects:

  • Selection of suitable pictograms already during the risk assessment
  • QS check whether the selected pictograms were actually applied


The Safexpert pictogram library contains icons according to the following standards:

  • Pictogram library according to EN ISO 7010
  • Pictogram library according to ASR A1.3
  • Pictogram library according to 92/58/EEC
  • Pictogram library according to KennV (especially for Austria)

Operating instructions template according to EN 82079-1

Thanks to the operating instructions template (especially for machines) in accordance with EN 82079-1, the drafting of operating instructions does not begin from scratch:

  • About 35 pages with predefined structure of EN 82079-1
  • Predefined bookmarks for entering residual hazards from the risk assessment
  • General requirements from EN 82079-1 incorporated

Tip: In conjunction with the additional module Operating Instructions Wizard, relevant information (product limits, information on residual hazards, etc.) can be automatically transferred to the correct places in the Word document.



Standards package "Standard"

The standards package "Standard" provides direct access to seven particularly important standards from the field "Safety of machinery", which almost every designer needs in his daily work:

  • EN ISO 12100 - General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • EN ISO 13849-1 - Safety-related parts of control systems - Part 1: General principles for design
  • EN ISO 13850 - Emergency stop function - Principles for design
  • EN ISO 13855 - Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body
  • EN ISO 13857 - Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs
  • EN 349 - Minimum clearances to avoid crushing of body parts
  • EN 60204-1 - Electrical equipment of machines - Part 1: General requirements

Further information on the standards packages can be found here.


Standards package "Standard Plus"

With the "Standard Plus" add-on module, designers have access to more than 55 other European standards in the field of "Safety of machinery"

Safexpert Operating Instructions Assistant

This add-on module forms an interface between Safexpert risk assessment and an operating instructions template in WORD format. This is how it works:

  • References to residual hazards or texts from other risk reduction descriptions are documented in Safexpert's risk assessment.
  • By assigning them as "bookmarks", they can be quickly and easily inserted into the correct chapter of the operating instructions template.
  • The texts inserted by Safexpert are marked in WORD and can therefore be very easily located with the WORD function "Trace changes" and completely formulated by the technical editor.

This helps to ensure that no important points in the operating instructions are forgotten and thus to reduce the product liability risk due to missing information on residual hazards!

Interface to editorial system Schema ST4

Editorial systems are becoming more and more popular for the administration and production of technical documents. Safexpert therefore offers in combination with the operating instruction assistent the option of exporting the information on residual hazards from the risk assessment and importing it into Schema ST 4.

Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistent

The Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistant supports the uniform checks and acceptances of machines, incomplete machines or other products. The advantages of standardized tests are:

  • Uniformity and standardization in testing processes
  • Central administration and updating of checklists
  • Selectable check levels - When creating checklists, different check levels can be specified to adjust the level of detail of checks to the situational requirements.

Tip: Experts of our Standards Expert Community (SECOM) have already created checklists for frequent use cases, which can be imported directly into the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistant.

Detailed information on the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistent and available checklists can be found here.


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