Safexpert Modul

Check and Acceptance Assistent

Testing machines, systems and other products systematically and uniformly!

What is the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistent?

With this software module, you can carry out tests or acceptances of machines, plants or other products as uniformly and clearly as possible.

The Safexpert checklists form the basis for this. Checklists can be

Several application areas

Different groups of people use the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistent for different activities. These are, for example, the following:

  • Acceptance before the release of payments
  • Check under occupational health and safety law whether the machine or plant may be made available to the employees.
  • check whether the supplier products meet the requirements
  • Conducting and documenting the tests required by the standards during the product development process
Insurances, authorities, experts:
  • Testing whether products comply with the relevant EU directives and/or standards

Your advantage with the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistent

Uniform test results

Reduction of the testing effort - especially through the choice of the check level

Central administration of checklists

Update monitoring of the checklists

How easy it is to use the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistent

  1. Create a new project or open an existing one.
  2. Add one (or more) freely definable test(s) or acceptance(s) in the Checks / Acceptances" area of the project manager, e.g. design check, final acceptance,...
  3. Open the check or acceptance and add one (or more) check list(s).

Then you carry out the checks of the individual checkpoints in this clearly arranged mask:

On the left side you navigate through the checklist(s). The different symbols and filter functions help you to see at a glance which items have already been checked and which have been rated OK or Poor.

For irrelevant checkpoints, deactivate the checkbox "Checkpoint applies".

The details of the individual checkpoints are displayed in the middle section of the screen:
In the fields "Remarks" and "Frequent errors" the manufacturer of the checklist has the possibility to provide you with valuable additional information for testing practice.

In the field "Check comment", enter any defects discovered.

In the "Essential check" list, the developer of the checklist has defined how the respective checkpoint is to be checked:

  • Visual inspection
  • Performance check
  • Measurement
  • Documentation check

You can set the statuses "Checked" and "Check successful" separately. This helps you to keep track of all completed and open checkpoints at all times.

On the right side you see the cross-references to standards, guidelines or other documents for each checkpoint, which can be helpful for you during the check. If you have a license (e.g. standards in full text), a double-click opens the document directly in the correct place. This will make your checks much easier and faster - especially for on-site checks - if you have a personalized license or you have checked out a license.

Print check results

There are several print templates available. The templates can be customized. Of course, your own logo can be integrated into the printouts.


Checklists - Two ways to systematic testing

Create checklists yourself

To ensure that checklists fulfil their purpose optimally, it is important to consider a few points when developing checklists. It is therefore best to follow our guideline for the production of checklists. As a Safexpert customer, you will receive this free of charge on request. Just send an email to


Buy checklists

We are pleased that we have succeeded in finding specialists for our Standards Experts Community who develop and offer Safexpert checklists on the basis of C standards.

Examples for available check lists:

  • Checklist according to BetrSichV (Germany)
  • Checklist according to Machinery Directive, Annex I
  • Checklist according to Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • Checklist according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Checklist according to directive 2014/34/EU "ATEX Directive"
  • Checklist according to EN 60204-1 - Electrical equipment of machines
  • Checklist according to EN 692:2005+A1:2009 Mechanical presses
  • Checklist according to EN ISO 12100, Annex B
  • ...

Details of the available checklists can be found here.

Available checklists

No suitable checklist found?

Please contact us if you have not found a checklist you require. We will be happy to clarify with our SECOM experts whether the checklist can be developed for you and will make you a non-binding offer.


Please also note our special Web training 5 - Uniform tests and acceptances with Safexpert. Learn how to use checklists and how to create and manage your own checklists.