Safexpert WEB Training 4

Branch-specific Safexpert customization

In this webinar you will learn in just two hours how to save a lot of time, money and nerves with Safexpert template projects.

Duration: 2 hours

In practice, the continuous compliance with legal requirements is not always easy with economically justifiable effort. In this WEB training course you will learn how to support the status evaluations in Safexpert in identifying important open points that prevent the signing of the declaration of conformity.

In addition, you will learn which simple steps you need to take to keep Safexpert up to date and which functions support you in safety-related project and quality management.

For this training we assume that Safexpert has been properly installed on your IT environment. Our experienced specialists will be happy to assist you with all questions regarding professional installation: 


Seminar program

  • Use C standards as industry-specific sources of knowledge
  • Create cross-reference lists for systematic risk assessment in accordance with C standards
  • work even more efficiently through the use of archived knowledge in template projects
  • automated update check of templates contribute to quality management support
  • benefit from the expert knowledge of the Standards Experts Community
  • Discussion of open questions 

As an alternative to this event, please take a look at our advanced training Advanced training  for the production of template projects, C cross-reference lists and checklists.


A pre-installed Safexpert is advantageous for following the exercises, but not absolutely necessary. All you need is Internet access and a standard PC with a sound card. If you want to transfer the training to one of your event rooms, you will also need a beamer and the corresponding sound system.

After your registration you will receive from us:

  • A registration confirmation with the access data as well as the invoice for the registered participants.
  • Information on the preliminary check of the online connection.
  • A brief guide for your participation in the event.

On the day of the event, the WEB event room will be open 15 minutes before the start of the event. You can ask your questions during the event via chat, which will be forwarded to the speakers by our editorial team.

Within the framework of the event you will receive:

  • the presentation documents in PDF and
  • one certificate of participation

Specially suitable for

      • Designers and planners in the fields of machine, plant and/or control engineering
      • CE-Commissioners or CE-Coordinators
      • Quality representatives in mechanical and plant engineering companies

      Organizational matters

      Seminar time:

      • by arrangement