Safexpert WEB Training 5

Uniform checks and acceptances with Safexpert

In this WEB training, you will learn how the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistant supports you with uniform test processes.

Duration: 2 hours
Safety-reltated checks or acceptances are on the agenda in today's mechanical and plant engineering, for example in the form of:

  •     Final acceptance by buyer
  •     Final inspection by the manufacturer
  •     Experts on behalf of authorities, insurance companies or courts of law
  •     Type examinations of accredited bodies
  •     etc.

In this training, you will learn how the Safexpert Check and Acceptance Assistant supports you in performing these checks as uniformly as possible, independent of the testing bodies.

For this training we assume that Safexpert has been properly installed on your IT environment. Our experienced specialists will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding professional installation: 

Seminar program

  • Create test project
  • Search for suitable checklists
  • Select check level and perform check
  • Document check results and link them to tasks, photos, or other files
  • Repeat or complete check
  • Print check report
  • Create and manage your own checklists
  • Discussion of open questions

Pre-installed Safexpert to follow the exercises is advantageous, but not absolutely necessary. All you need is Internet access and a standard PC with a sound card. If you want to transfer the training to one of your event rooms, you will also need a beamer and the corresponding sound system.

After your registration you will receive from us:

  • A registration confirmation with the access data as well as the invoice for the registered participants.
  • Information on the preliminary check of the online connection.
  • A short instruction for your participation in the event.

On the day of the event, the WEB event room will be open 15 minutes before the start of the event. You can ask your questions during the event via chat, they will be forwarded to the speakers by our editorial team.

Within the event you will receive:
the presentation documents in PDF and

  • a certificate of participation

Specially suitable for

      • Acceptance personnel for the purchase of machinery or plants, inspection bodies, e.g. trade inspectorates, TÜV organisations, employers' liability insurance associations, insurance companies
      • QM representatives or for the final inspection of machinery or plants
      • responsible persons, specialists for occupational safety

      Organizational matters

      Seminar time:

      • by arrangement

      Your Trainer: